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The God of the universe is the God of our minds...
As he influences thought, he changes the world!

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On top of the volcano Haleakala in Hawaii.
You can overcome any challenge inside you!

     Did you plan this journey on earth, or earn the right to be born? No, your appearance on this planet came unexpectedly, like a serendipitous stroke of luck. You awoke, opened your eyes, suckled, unaware of what had been given to you, yet you take each moment for granted. Just as newborn have done since antiquity, you gasped for air and reached out for the warmth of human touch; and was fed and clothed, all by others, and blessed by the Sun, the Moon, and the Stars. Yes, sometimes things aren't perfect. Sometimes life is painful and full of regrets. Things don't always work out. But still, you've got a lot to be thankful for. After all, each moment is an opportunity; like a snowflake, there will never be another like it in all the universe, and you are in the middle of it. 

     I suffered from a devastating case of mental demons, studied the disease, watched myself, and figured out how to defeat it. I had to stop taking life for granted. I had to see how special each moment is, even the painful ones. Who could have suffered from this on the one hand, and with the other devise the ideas and concepts to overcome it? Well, I did, and now you can learn from my writings. When I was overcoming emotional trauma and powerful thoughts and memories, it was like digging in the backyard and discovering a Divine Fountain of Spiritual Wisdom! You can learn the nuts and bolts and tiny details of what happened inside my mind and use this knowledge to improve your life. This website documents the Miracle Inside My Mind that took place in the late 1970’s.

     Once traumatized, the vibrations of the experience travel thru each conscious moment of your life. To face this moment is to face the trauma. Look around; everything you see is colored by yesterday. A lot had to happen for things to end up like they are. See yourself in your minds eye like the special person that you are, give thanks for the serendipitous gift of life, and learn how to use thoughts to defeat inner demons. What do you have to lose but happiness and self-fulfillment? With self-determination you can follow in my footsteps. With Christ you can do anything you set your mind to. Learn from The Miracle Inside My Mind!



The picture in the clouds is the sizzle...
The steak is the miracle inside my mind...

This website will help you to see...
The sky inside your mind!


     At the age of seventeen, I was deeply depressed and felt like I was done. The feelings became more than I could handle, and there was no one to help. I kneeled in front of my bed, head in hand, and asked God for a sign that he existed and that I shouldn’t kill myself. The nail balancing the picture above my bed popped off and the picture began rotating back and forth making a screaching sound. I stared at the picture like it was the pendulum of a clock counting the time. Because of that moment, you, the reader, are able to read about the incredible Miracle Inside My Mind. I felt better for awhile after that. I felt like I had more time. And what came from my mind was the knowledge needed to survive. You will learn the techniques I used to save myself, and it is all documented in an incredible, moment-by-moment journal I kept.  




What if you were traumatized as a child and as an adolescent, forgot? Well, just look around at all the people who are trying to find themselves. Are you one of them? Well, it happened to me, and at the age of seventeen I figured out how to overcome it! Don't you think you can learn by studying my thoughts?

Keep reading to become one of those in the  (k)now!

 Pictures popped up in my head...

      “When the fire comes the pictures in my mind are disarrayed, foggy, confused, mixed up, and controlled by feelings of insecurity. Now, it’s simple. Once a picture is present in the mind, it has power! It takes more than just thoughts to get rid of the picture. If you’ve got an unfavorable picture in your mind, but want to think good thoughts, you can’t. You’ve got to change the picture….”

 -- From my journal, July 21, 1976


A psychological demon took the shape of a fiery ball on my forehead. The demon was the result of years of denying an unspeakable hospital experience at the age of two.

The fiery ball felt physical and I contemplated getting a knife and cutting it out of my forehead. The pain was growing too intense to bare, and cutting it out was becoming an acceptable possibility.  

As months passed, it became difficult to relate to people because sometimes when I thought about them or looked at them, the pain intensified. It was depressing because I couldn't control what thoughts would trigger the painful feelings. It was embarrassing to talk about so I never discussed it, and was afraid of being made fun of. My situation seemed hopeless!

Luckily, I instinctively began to think that the pain was my thoughts, therefore, my thoughts, other thoughts, could overcome them. I devised lots of theories concerning which thoughts in my head, of which there was an assortment of them, would do the trick. So little by little, inch by inch, I made strides to improve, until about three years later, I had it figured out and overcame it. After overcoming the emotional problems, I figured, Gee...

"The problems of the world can be influenced by overcoming the demons in the mind..."   

Think about it. A lot of problems can be solved by overcoming inner demons.  When I was battling the demons, I began to have memories—flashbacks—of another lifetime. Now who knows if they were true or not, but these flashbacks really made me think. These flashbacks are described on this website in chapter one. Also, I found the above picture in the clouds, which seems to show a sarcophagus with a child coming out of it, and a number two on its chest. The child has something on its head, almost like a demon. There is an upside down pyramid above my right eye, which is the Christian symbol for concept that the greatest among us shall be the servant of us all. The triangular shape of the pyramid forms the face of a man. There is the image of someone to the right above my head. 

The picture seems to be linked to these memories,  but if you can’t see what I see in it, no big deal, it’s just an old picture scanned and copied...Besides, did anyone but Michael Angelo see the Statue of David until he removed the stone to uncover it? Does anyone see the great potential inside you, although you're capable of so much, but don't always show it?

There is plenty that isn't seen, yet there! To see potential previously unnoticed and solutions previously unseen, look again at yourself, and learn how to overcome emotions and thoughts; and if you're feeling down in the dumps, learn how I identified the mental pictures lodged inside my mind, and figured out how to defeat them! 

The vision of Christ.   The vision of Christ was stuck in my head along with the hospital trauma. The vision instilled in me the crazy idea that if I could overcome powerful emotional scars, I'd be better off for it, and more importantly, so would you. 


The Trauma and the Vision of Christ

   While sick with encephalitis, an inflammation of the brain, I was left alone in the hospital and the doctors kept me awake during a terrifying medical test. You need to understand that the terror was magnified because of my age.  If I was a one year old, perhaps I wouldn’t have understood enough to be scared. If I was more than TWO YEARS OLD, perhaps I would have known enough not to be scared. But I was only TWO YEARS OLD, caught in the middle, and therefore my feelings were exacerbated. 


     It was then, after I had felt like the world was lost and then gained, after a lifetime of feelings were condensed into a few horrific moments; it was then, at the age of two, that Christ came to me; and it was then, at this penetrating time of searing trauma, when emotions rose and fell like huge, ancient mountains, that Christ looked into me, and willed with his powerful thoughts that I overcome the crisis, and prevail over the emotional scars.

     The trauma from the medical examination incubated for fifteen years inside my mind, like an old curse, and at the age of seventeen, I struggled against a horrible mental torment and was terrorized by my thoughts.  It was then that Christ's influence emerged within my consciousness. 

                 A Cosmic Alarm Has Sounded!

      Mankind has developed sophisticated technologies, but failed to overcome incorrect, primitive thoughts and feelings. The combination of hatred, globalization, and advanced technologies has put millions of lives at risk. The struggle for enlightenment has been replaced by greed, materialism, ego, and political correctness. Spiritual ideas have been misinterpreted, and thoughts and feelings have veered  toward radical extremism and vengeance.  There are rogue states and killings in the name of God!  The governments of the world are at a loss about what to do, impotently acting with fruitless results, and all the while, the very existence of civilization as we know it is threatened.

From the FEMA website:


Throughout human history, there have been many threats to the security of nations. These threats have brought about large-scale losses of life, the destruction of property, widespread illness and injury, the displacement of large numbers of people, and devastating economic loss.

Recent technological advances and ongoing international unrest are components of the increased risk to national security.


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The Result of the Vision of Christ



The Result of the Vision of Christ
Emotional Trauma and School
Sex and Emotional Trauma
Adolescence and Emotional Trauma
God, Friends, and the Opposite Sex
Correct Thinking
Types of Thought
Scripture and The Miracle Inside My Mind
The Equation of Thought
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I believe that your greatest wealth is inside you.

Can you see the outlined features in the above picture? A lot of people can.














You are special and can create miracles inside your mind. You can create a wonderful future.

















I became my own servant, and so can you. You can make the decision to improve your life and the world.

You can serve your inner needs, therefore the needs of the world.

But Jesus called them and said to them, “You know that those who are regarded as rulers among the gentiles lord it over them, and their great men exercise authority over them. But it is not so among you. On the contrary, whoever wishes to become great shall be your servant; and whoever wishes to be first among you shall be the slave of all; for the Son of Man also has not come to be served but to serve,

and to give his life as a

ransom for


Mark 10:42 to10:45

Don’t be fooled into thinking that condemning a thought will make it go away. Remember Christ’s great words: “But I say to you, love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who persecute and calumniate you.” Mathew 6:44

 Remember the golden rule and apply it inside your mind: “Therefore all that you wish men to do to you, even so do you also to them: for this is the Law and the Prophets.”

Mathew 7:12

Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you. Treat yourself with respect, caring, and love. Be kind. Don’t be vengeful. Listen, and take seriously what you hear.


Thoughts are like physical possessions. You are not your thoughts, nor do they have to define you. You can rise above them like I did mine…


To study trauma is to study humanity. It is to improve the world by enlightening the mind.