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     There are always different ways of looking at something, but there are only so many ways of looking at a thought or feeling in relationship to emotional trauma. If traumatized, it’s as if a part of you freezes at a moment in time, and everything else is viewed in relationship to the trauma.  In this case, there is a finite amount of thought in the mind. The most important is 1-2 thought, or base thought. This is the exact thought you are thinking this moment, or any moment. The second most important is 1-4 thought. This is base thought influenced by thought. Thoughts influencing base thought can be 1-2, 1-4, 1-8, 1-16, 1-32, or 1-64 thought. Childhood emotional trauma is like riding a bike past a mountain. If you are traumatized at the age of two, at the age of five, you don’t forget, but look at the mountain differently. The mountain is in the distance; you see the trauma from a different angle. This different, distant view of the mountain is 1-4 thought. During different stages of life, you view the mountain differently. At age eight, the mountain is farther away than at age five. This creates 1-8 thought. Age eleven brings on a different view; this is 1-16 thought. Age fourteen brings on 1-32 thought. At the age of seventeen, you’ve completely forgotten the mountain; it’s unseen, but as real as stone. This is 1-64 thought. It’s like whispering a secret to a friend, who whispers it to another, and the other whispers it to another, and so on, six times. The last friend understands the sky is falling, but the first friend whispered that the sky was blue. Only in this case, the first friend whispered something awful, and the situation gets uglier. Anytime a feeling influences thought, the individual is experiencing 1-4 thought. The feeling could be from an original experience, therefore, 1-2 thought, or it could be a feeling from a different view of the mountain, thus, 1-4, 1-8, 1-16, 1-32, or 1-64 thought. Each stage of life, approximately every three years during childhood and young adulthood, brings on a different view of the mountain, and experiences the mountain uniquely, doubling the emotions, because as the new view emerges, the old is retained. It’s as if the thoughts are reproduced liked molecules in a Petri dish. Therefore, the second number changes from 2 to 4, 4 to 8, 8 to 16, 16 to 32, and 32 to 64. This can be graphed, and represents the mathematical expression called The Equation of Thought. 1-64 thought is extremely dangerous. Senses and feelings from the original experience pop in and out of consciousness, causing confusion and disorientation. The person may hallucinate. 

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