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      As stated previously, Childhood emotional trauma is like traveling past a mountain. If you are traumatized at the age of two, at the age of five, you don’t forget, but look at the mountain differently. At the age of five, the mountain is in the distance—you see the trauma from a different angle. It’s very important to recognize the different views. One view of the mountain might be emotional, another subtle—all views are unique. One view may have entirely, or partially, overcome the trauma. Seeing all the views provides inner stability because the trauma is analyzed in different ways, constructively exercising the mind, and creating physical thought.  It’s like connecting the dots or assembling a puzzle. Once everything is put together, you see the whole experience, and the trauma is remembered vividly. It’s as if a different facet of the experience is deposited in each view of the mountain. By concentrating on the different views simultaneously, you put the experience back together.



      In the above drawing, each view of the mountain is depicted by a column of thoughts. The first column, containing only 1-2 thought, is the actual experience. As time goes by, the experience is seen differently, and is depicted by the different columns. The first new view of the experience is represented by the second column, containing 1-2 and 1-4 thought, the next column contains 1-2, 1-4, and 1-8 thought, continuing through to the last column, the view containing the 1-64 thought. To get to the 1-64 thought, many years must pass. For me, it took approximately fifteen years, when I was seventeen years old. Understanding how the different thoughts affect each other is to understand The Equation of Thought. 


     Once understanding and seeing the mountain and the 1-64 thought, I was able to view how thoughts from one, or several parts of my life, thought segments, affected the thoughts from different parts of my life. Doing this strengthened the psyche, and led to greater understanding. For example, I understood how the way I thought during first grade affected thoughts during third grade, how third grade affected fourth, and fourth affected fifth, and how fifth affected Junior High, and what it had to do with present moment thought. Or, I could see how Junior High affected High School, as well as how the hospital affected first grade, and what the different time periods had to do with present moment thought.  


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