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Emotional Trauma and School
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     Suffering from emotional trauma and going to school sucks! One day I was smart and the next day I was stupid. Consistency went out the window. 

     I fought valiantly against the torment, but as documented below, in my High School Biology Class, it batted me down...

Dec. 17, 1976


     In biology, I have lost my objectives, broken rules, and I’m destroying myself. Something has happened, and it isn’t good.


Dec. 18, 1976


Something has happened after I had seemingly obtained almost all the needed dissipations. I’m not in good shape, and I feel pretty bad, but I’m not giving up. I got an “F” on my biology test. Mr. Desch wrote on my paper, “What is happening?” He thinks I’m having some sort of personal problem with a girl, or family, or something. When these thoughts grab hold, it’s hard to remember things. It’s like there are weights on my thoughts. I’m stuck in a maze, and can’t remember the answers to the test.


Traveling through space and time…

Consciousness dangles amongst confident meteors.

The answers to the questions, placed in the

wrong mail slots, scattered across the floor

the disarray is difficult to organize as I step

up to the plate. Thoughts are scrambled, information

hazy…The questions are straightforward, the answers

are found in the maze.


Time is disjointed. Space is disarrayed. Ten feet is

no longer ten feet. Ten feet is six inches, twelve feet,

changing each moment. Time is a moment and an hour.

Time drifts, and jolts to a stop.


     I must never confront something out of me, in an attempt to fulfill something in me.

     Then he called the crowd to him again, and said to them, “Hear me, all of you, and understand. There is nothing outside a man that, entering into him, can defile him; but the things that come out of a man, these are what defile a man. I f anyone has ears to hear, let him hear.”  Mark 7:14 to 7:16


Dec. 19, 1976


     I’m not sure what’s going on.


Once so sure, once so simple, once so clear…

I’ve returned to the room of darkness.

Brought back like a hunted down slave,

and thrown into the cell. My wrists and ankles

shackled. I lay in darkness, and attempt to

break free once more. 

     In biology, I was the top student in my teacher’s three classes. In class, the feelings jabbed, poked, and interfered with my thoughts. It was like someone constantly screaming and pulling on my clothes. I couldn’t avoid the feelings. I fought to concentrate. I had faith in Christ. I acknowledged the lava. When I acknowledged the lava, my mind made a mental image of it, and although I didn’t know why it was there, I was able to function. The act of acknowledgement and subsequent mental picture allowed me to see the pain, look away, and listen to the teacher. (My teacher, Mr. Desch, said that good students, like me, were able to visualize the answers to the tests and see them in our minds eye. I visualized the answers, as well as the emotions.) 

     In biology, it was difficult to sustain the momentum and discipline. I sank down and became depressed. The feelings of the smoke emerged. Previously, I believed I had all I needed to overcome the emotional scars, but suddenly, “In biology, I have lost my objectives, broken rules, and I’m destroying myself…” (Dec. 17, 1976) The next day, I wrote: “Something has happened after I had seemingly obtained all the needed dissipations. I’m not in good shape…” I got an “F” on my biology test. When the feelings of the smoke emerged, it was as if a thick fog entered my mind. It was difficult to remember anything previously studied.

     I became very frustrated. I had worked long and hard, but it seemed I was back where I started. The lizard seemed to be one place in my mind, but then it was at another place, and another, and another, and another. One moment it was associated with Christine, the next biology, another moment girls, football, track, or other students. It was like I was in a house of mirrors. I grabbed for the lizard and my hands came up empty. It was toying with me, sitting in the distance, smirking, and I was left with an “F” on my biology test. 

     At this point, all my previous “bulls-eyes” seemed like misses. The lizard seemed to be in every memory I had. The memories acted against me, and blocked my memory. It was as if the memories were working with the lizard to destroy me. I identified when I thought the lizard originated, and it moved behind the next memory, the next reason why it could exist. I wondered how it could do that. I reasoned that I needed a new strategy. I figured that I was thinking too much. I needed actions! I needed to break though the memories. 

        My teacher praised me for picturing the answers to the tests in my mind. Little did he know that I was also picturing the images and feelings protruding into my consciousness! 
     I identified the feelings which bought me enough time to figure out how to overcome them. You too can overcome your problems. Look how bad off I was. If I can do it, you can too! Sure, it wasn't easy, but if it was, maybe it wouldn't be so rewarding to overcome! Emotional trauma can become a valued part of your life. It allows you to see things you never would have, things that add value to your life! Things like understanding and knowledge!
     How did I overcome the emotional scars? 
     I was inspired by the vision of Christ! Through trial and error, I used my mind to figure out how to overcome the emotional trauma! It wasn't easy, but little by little I chipped away at the problem until I discovered the techniques needed to blast the trauma out of my mind!  
     Don't believe it? 
     The proof is all documented on this website! It did happen. I cured myself with the strength of my thoughts and the power of Christ! 


Email: lam@themiracleinsidemymind.com