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Sex and Emotional Trauma
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     It's a safe bet everyone wants sex and almost everyone likes it. Unfortunately, the idea of sex gets confused with the feelings that pop up in the mind, confusing things and making sex complicated...



 Eight-thousand-year-old Sex...

     The ultimate supreme ruler was 57 years old. He had never been married. He respected the rights of his people, so he didn’t take the wife of another. Instead, he chose a young 17-year-old woman to marry. She was very slim. She had long, straight, black hair, and very dark skin. Her face was petite and beautiful. She was devoted to him.

     He placed his warn and wrinkled hand on her thin, supple waist. His arm slowly moved around her body. Her eyes were like small, dark beams that glowed only onto him. Looking at her was like taking a journey to a land of wish fulfillment. Every urge was addressed; every urge was fulfilled. Touching her opened his senses to a waterfall of pleasure that he never new existed. Every kiss, every caress, every touch, every moment was greater and more sensual than could be imagined. Her breasts were like living works of art, covered with silk, and soaked in honey. Her thin, luscious legs were like pillars chiseled by the greatest craftsmen, and designed by a great genius. Her shoulders were like rolling hills that touched his soul. Her neck was like a fountain of sweet fruits. Her face was more beautiful than the sun, the moon, and the stars. This woman gave him all the pleasure a woman was meant to give. Being with her fulfilled all the desires and fantasies any man could imagine…One morning, he awoke after a wonderful night of being with her. He was standing outside his body. At first, he wasn’t sure what to make of it, but then, he realized he had died. His wife was there, yet he couldn’t touch her. He couldn’t be with her. He couldn’t talk to her. He would never again experience the ecstasy of her body. A great, deep sadness came over him, a huge, moaning sorrow. He realized his whole life was spent on work. He never had a family. He never had children. He had only just begun to enjoy his wife. He realized he had missed so much! He considered coming back. Maybe he could enter the body of a newborn. Maybe he could once again meet with his wife who he loved so much! But no, he thought. How would she know it was him? And he would be so young, and she so old. It wouldn’t work. He stayed for a few days while the entire civilization was in deep mourning. They paraded his body through the streets. People followed the body moaning in pain. Never in the history of the world was a leader more loved. After a few days, he left the earth. He traveled to a place people never go. He saw the souls of many, and where they rested. He came to a great ballroom where many souls partied, but realized such a place wasn’t for him. He kept going further and further until he found a nice place. It was a small room. Transparent. With a small desk. But he could look down and see the earth, and watch his people. 

...Excerpt from the First Vision 

      I didn’t distinguish between the medical test and my thoughts. The medical test, a memory, became my thoughts. Like feelings of love, joy, and security, the feelings of terror became a part of me. Like decaying leaves and debris become a part of soil, my thoughts became an aspect of me. I was bad because the test was bad. I pitted the truth—she didn’t die—against the thoughts of her death. It was as if there was a verbal brawl between the fact that she didn’t die, and the truth that I thought she did. “She didn’t die,” I thought. “How could you think she did?” This was the worse act of my life! I could never tell anyone I did this. I asked myself, “What kind of bad person would think his mother was dead?” I couldn’t live with these thoughts. It was as if I was in a life raft and there was no room for the thoughts that mistakenly believed she died. I was committed to destroy the thoughts. Each conclusion nailed down the verdict: “If it weren’t for my evil, stupid thoughts, I wouldn’t be suffering as if she died. I wouldn’t be tired, and unable to deal with the feelings. Without my thoughts, I’d be able to withstand the fear of the hospital. It’s all my fault.” 
 ...The hospital, 1961.
      Childhood emotional trauma changes everything, and everything going forward is seen through the cloud of those memories. You can't escape the memories, and can't solve the problem through sex. Don't look to anyone to solve the problem. It's yours to solve, only yours, and no one, not even God will solve it for you. Not even sex. But you can solve it using the mind God gave you. You can use the gift of free choice to decide to solve the problem, and once the decision is made, God's hand will be there to guide you.
     God gave you a mind, and it must be used. Don't be a spectator in your life, but an active participant. Do you think you'll become a better person for having sex? Do you think those who have sex are better than you? Should you follow urges that don't think, reason, or decide what is best for you? Sex won't solve problems, but can make them worse. It's better to abstain and show inner strength. You must become strong inside to become a success in life, and once you do, you'll reach your goals! And that includes goals concerning sex!