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I'm a logical person...
If you study this website you'll discover a treasure chest of wisdom!

     I'm a logical person, and wouldn't expect you to believe just because I told you so. I outlined the picture in the clouds to help you see it.
     I want to make it clear that I'm not expecting anyone to derive too much meaning from this picture. This picture is only a picture. The important thing is to understand the meaning of what happened inside my mind. The picture is like Divine advertising to get you to look further and investigate The Miracle Inside My Mind!
     What is important is that you learn what happened inside my mind and relate it to your life and the world. There is a treasure chest of wisdom here, knowledge that God wants you to think about.

By the way, what you've seen is almost insignifant compared to what you'll see if you keep reading. Another fact that doesn't mean anything by itself is that my initials are L.A.M. This is an abreviation for a book in the Bible, Lamentations. Spelled backwards it's the abreviation for another book in the Bible, Malachi.

The upside down pyramid is above the right eye for a very special reason, which has to do with Christ. You won't find out why unless you keep reading!

There's an interesting picture taken by the San Jose Mercury News in the prologue, statement two.

Question: How did an adolescent know how to overcome a horrible form of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder?

Answer: Well, I know the answer.

Hint: The answer doesn’t come from this world.

Answer: Well, if you think I figured it out, thank you very much, I’m flattered…

Answer: I’d say, the power that created the picture in the clouds is the source of the knowledge you are about to learn about.

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Below you will find the picture in the clouds scanned in different ways. The pictures have different DPI's and contrasts and brightness's. One is in black and white. 










"The statue of David was first conceived in the mind of Michelangelo. The statue was hidden by marble and Michelangelo removed the excess stone to uncover it. As I destroyed the emotional scars, I was guided by an image in my mind, much like the image Michelangelo had when he created David. I chiseled off the marble, and created the sculpture that is now my consciousness. I emerged from my consciousness..." Excerpt from part three of this website. It would be helpful for you to see the picture in the clouds, as I saw the sculpture of my consciousness. Not everyone can see it, but not everyone can see the solution to a problem or the potential of a human being.


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